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Deco Skull Clock Deco Skull Clock
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Deco Skull Clock
Deco Skull Clock


This is pop artistic designed clock that looks starshine.

It is made imaging the rhinestone which used for the decoration of the cellular phone and the manicure.

It used to be design for strong impression for man. But,nowadays, it designed clothes for women.

Deco Skull Clock was Designed which theme with Fashionable lovely skull for such women.

The word below,in the proverb of Japan.
"If you wait, it brings the sea route"

It means the chance not to be in a hurry and to only have to wait comes round.

alarm function
The red needle moved at specified time,
after that,it finish to set touching [skull] at the center.
Eyes of [skull] at the center change into the emitting state while the alarm set mode.
Please push [skull] at the center again when you release the alarm sound.
Length and breadth can be switched. The screen changes slowly.
It doesn't change while animation is operating even if iPhone is inclined.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later

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