If it touches the I-phone screen part, it is set that the image changes as.

E2010.7.1 1.1 version changes
A bug revision
iIt supports iOS4j

Nyanderful Clock Nyanderful Clock
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Nyanderful Clock


Anyone who loves cat, Just watch out!
How about this?
This is Analog Clock that taking a walk with fanny cat.
Clocks appear with hour, minute, seconds.
24hours around day, you can enjoy a variety of landscape
This stuff is a kind of Healing therapy.
We recommend who likes cat, pop pictures, and anyone who needs time for healing.
(Warning: We do not recommend watching nyandaerful clock all night long, even if you like to keep watching,

-Alarm function
To set the alarm, touching catfs pad that right down corner of the screen.
The alarm that started stops when I touch the screen.
-Pushing button 1,5,10, you can set a time for alarm.
(Default setting 1)
Select 1: Setting by a minute or an hour.
Select 5: Setting by 5 minute or 5 hour.
Select 10: Setting by 10 minute or 10 hour.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later

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