If it touches the iPhone screen part, it is set that the image changes as.

E2010.7.1 1.1 version changes
A bug revision
iIt supports iOS4j

Wa Antique Clock Wa Antique Clock
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Wa Antique Clock


This is Antique watch with Japanese traditional taste.
Design souces of time display took from Japanese Old style clock around Sunrise through Sunset and Sunset through Sunrise.
To express Japanese traditional atmosphere overall,
"Tree", "Dragon", and "Chinese phoenix" were designed.

-Alarm function
To set the alarm, touching yellowButton that right up corner of the screen.
A button on the left of the clock turns into red automatic when I set alarm.
Alarm is removed when I touch the screen, and the button turns into blue.
-Pushing button ,,E, you can set a time for alarm.
(Default setting )
Select : Setting by a minute or an hour.
Select : Setting by 5 minute or 5 hour.
Select E: Setting by 10 minute or 10 hour.

Be Able to switch four kinds of backgrounds in the menu.
The face can be switched from the Chinese numerals to the Roman numeral by touching the clock board.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later

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